Get Laid in Pattaya Without getting scammed.

Pattaya Bar Girls Report

contains 116 important issues you should know about before you arrive in "party city".
My Pattaya bar girls guide will show you how to:
Have a Pattaya girlfriend adventure (your buddies will envy).
Learn the ways of the Pattaya Bar Girls. Avoid the traps, cheats & scams.
Apply the L.A.P.T.O.P. method.

In a few minutes you can be reading:

  • How bar girls collect & use information about you.
  • How to have a vacation that will change your life.
  • The importance of saving face. The secrets.
  • How to get gorgeous Thai girls competing to lay you.
  • How YOU can be in control NOT the bar girls.
  • The bar girl rules.
  • The tricks to getting laid without getting scammed.
  • How to deal with a ladyboy.
  • How to find the "girl of your dreams" and more........... 
  • The "Golden Moment" of Soapy Massage.

Read 116 IMPORTANT ISSUES you should know about before you arrive in Thailand.

Instant Download Learn about Thai girls, Pattaya girls. bar girl scams. Note:
This is not a hardcover book. It's an e-book in .PDF format you can download to your computer and read right now.

attaya is my favorite place in the world. Here I have been cheated, robbed (petty theft, nothing serious), lied to and treated like a king. I've been on the roller coaster ride. I have written this downloadable 112 page report to help men aged 18 to 85 who plan to visit Thailand turn their visit and nightlife experience into an unforgettable adventure.

You may wonder why I think I'm qualified to dispense advice about Thai bar girls and especially Pattaya girls. Fair question!

There are many reasons. Let me give you just a few.

I lived in Thailand for 16 years.

During that time I had hundreds of short times (one to four hours of horizontal activity) and many one or two week excursions with Thai bar girls.  I've had six “live in” relationships (not all at the same time), three with Thai bar girls and three with mainstream Thai ladies.

I speak and understand Thai language and have been able to glean useful information from the bar girls and their employers. I've learned things about Thai women and Thai culture that will surprise you.

Thai Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

Now back to the girls. Thai babes are nothing like Western women. You have to experience the warmth and friendliness of these brown smooth skinned beauties. Thai girls aim to please and please with a bundle of personal attention.

But there is something you will be expected to do in return. You can read about that in a few minutes.

When you take a Thai bar girl out of the bar for a day or two she will become your girlfriend. You will quickly find yourself in a relationship with a charming young Thai woman. Yes it can happen so fast.

It can also end faster. You will be alone, your head will be spinning with intoxicating confusion and you will be wondering why. You came to Thailand for a good time. You don't want to spend weeks learning about the intricacies and psychology of the bar girls. You can get all the information and tips about Thai bar girls and what makes them tick when you read "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" chapter 3, "The Importance Of Saving Face".

Do you want to know how to sustain one of those bar girl relationships and make it work for you?

"The Pattaya Bar Girls Report" will show you how.

Many men come to Thailand for a good time. Some go back to their country feeling cheated or they hear stories about how others had

An Amazing Sex Adventure

But you know what? Too many didn't. Many never will, unless they know the secrets.

If you don't download and read this report before you go to Thailand you will miss out on the secrets that can turn your visit into an amazing adventure.

Imagine having your own personal guide with 16 years of experience. Read Pattaya Bar Girls Report and you will become your own Pattaya bar girl guide. You will have a bundle of tips you can pass on to your buddies and other punters you meet in Thailand. Some Pattaya addicts might just invite you to join them on bar crawls so that they can learn some from you.

I have met holiday makers in Pattaya who have spent half of their holiday feeling sorry for themselves or trying to dig themselves out of a pit of trouble. A wasted holiday!

I have seen them fall for the traps in the bars.

  • Too many men didn't get what they thought they would.
  • Some have lost their souls.
  • Many become the victims of petty theft.
  • Some have lost their entire life savings. It happens often.
  • Some have lost their lives.

Bar Girl Secrets

How do these "unfortunate" incidents happen?

It is the clash of a man and woman from two different worlds, two different cultures.
Too many men waste several holidays to Thailand before they even begin to learn the ropes and the ways these babes can manipulate and entrance the unsuspecting visitor.

Wouldn't it be wiser for you to learn about those issues before you come to Thailand?

Thai Bar girls may not be highly educated but they are street wise and operate in a different world to what you are accustomed to. They act and think differently. I'll say that again "think differently". I call their ways of thinking the "bar girl secrets".

Being "street wise" or "street educated" means they know a lot more about the bar girl business than you do. This is where bar girls use their sex appeal to extract as much money as they can from several men while remaining the sweet, submissive uneducated Thai lady every newcomer to Thailand thinks they are. In a few minutes you can be reading how to detect whether or not your bar girl has several boyfriends sending her money. This practice is not just limited to the bar girls. I have also observed some mainstream Thai women indulging in multiple income streams.

Avoiding Scams

Why waste your precious holiday being scammed or ripped off by Thai girl scams simply because you haven't done your homework? You can be reading the secrets in a few minutes. Knowing the secrets will turn your holiday into a life changing adventure. Use the "L.A.P.T.O.P" method described in the bar girls guide and you will save your self from frustration and misunderstandings.

You will also learn how to avoid scams that occur outside of the bars, in hotels and on the streets. In chapter 10, "Money Traps and Cheats", you will read about 15 scams that occur often in Thailand. You will be street wise to all these and be able to side step them with ease when you see them coming your way.

In the scams section you won't just read about some poor foreigner who comes home from a visa run and discovers his darling has given the refrigerator to her mother. That's not a scam, that's just one of the many "way's of the bar girls". That's a relationship matter. Consider it part of the culture.

The "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" will guide you step by step through a bundle of survival methods to court the Pattaya bar girls, avoid the traps, avoid misunderstandings, save you money, put you in control and turn your Thailand vacation into an amazing adventure your buddies will envy. Included on this page are testimonials from real people who have downloaded and read the report.


What is a threesome? Two girls plus you. That makes three. You probably think that finding two girls for a threesome in Pattaya would be easy. You are almost right about finding the girls but to have a successful threesome you need to know about three very important issues. After explaining these issues I will show you 4 proven methods that you can use to set up threesomes.

Even Pattaya addicts (punters who visit Pattaya frequently) and some ex pats who have lived in Thailand for several years are making the same old mistakes. They don't realize the potential of the outrageous adventure they could be having in Pattaya. Why? Because they haven't learned the secrets. They still get "worked over" by bar girls.

116 Guide Lines

Do you think this won't happen to you? If you haven't read half of the 116 guide lines in this report before you step inside a bar in Pattaya then I can guarantee you will be "worked over". The bar girl will be in control.

But you know what? You won't even know it is happening until it's over. That's too late.

Too many Western men do NOT understand how the Thai bar girl relates to "sex and money" and how "saving face" plays an important role in Thai culture. These misunderstandings will lead you to trouble. Understanding will lead you to bliss.

In just a few minutes you can be reading the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

You will learn the secrets I have unraveled over the past 16 years and,

you will be in control.

Just take a few seconds to look at the table of contents:

Stop searching
You get all this in the "Pattaya Bar Girls Report"
Your Report has 12 dynamic chapters with 116 IMPORTANT ISSUES
It is unbelievably easy to become infatuated and sex struck by a warm hearted beautiful Pattaya Bar Girl. But you need to know the inside secrets to be the one in control and stay out of trouble.

If you're serious about having a trouble free sex adventurous holiday in Pattaya, and learning about Thai Bar Girls and the nightlife, you will get this report right now and read it today. Even if you are already one of the many Pattaya addicts you will learn a bundle from this report.

Do you want to know what it will cost you to get this crucial information, information that will save you time, frustration and money trying to learn the ropes?


Yes, for the price of a dinner for two you will discover the little known secrets about the Thai Bar Girls, that even some long term punters don't know about. You will have all of the information you need to turn your Thailand holiday into a life changing adventure. You will also receive free updates. The report is updated when needed.

Why $37?

I'm only charging $37 for this report, for 2 reasons.

  1. $37 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest night life punter.

  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about having a life changing experience to invest $37 into Pattaya Bar Girls Report isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the report anyway.

So if you're serious about preparing yourself for a "life changing adventure", click the "Buy Now" button below.

You can pay by credit card

P.S. For just $37 this bar girls guide will teach you how to have a hassle free life changing adventure in Thailand, have gorgeous Thai girls competing for your favor, while saving you time and money. I'll tell you about the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them. When you take your holiday in Thailand, armed with the information contained in Pattaya Bar Girls Report, you will be able to save more than ten times the cost of this report. How can you pass on that?

Letters from real people who have read "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

I purchased your book on line back in September and read it several times to make sure I absorbed all the do's and don't's. I have to tell you the book was excellent and full of useful information and I occasionally scan over it again and again. I made my trip to Pattaya in October and had a great time thanks to your book.

For whatever it may or may not mean to experienced travellers such as yourselves; I made my first trip to Thailand smile; (L.O.S.) in Feb. of 1980. And as you can imagine have been going on average every 3 years or so ever since. It is my Valhalla, Shangrila and Heaven on earth all in one. The Pattaya Bar Girls Report is a good review and well worth the money.

I'd like to say to each and all of your customers, friends and potential readers that PBG's info and insight are as important to Thai punters and general tourists as is the Bible to Christians and I sign my name and take the blame on that statement.

Also, I'll be buying the updates and other articles soon as well. O.K. Bill, all the very best to you and yours, staff and family etc. And may the proverbial wind be at your back.

Good luck and punting Greg. Vey aka. Jai Dee

An absolute must-read for the new visitor to Pattaya as well as
the seasoned traveller. Packed with time and money saving tips and maybe also save you a lot of heartache in the long run,
Keep up the good work.

Your report really is a lot of fun. Interesting travel stories combined with good practical advice, including names and places.
I am sure you know how daunting (and alluring) Pattaya seems
to a newcomer, and your book helps a lot.
Work fast on Part 2!

I got the guide book, Its great I feel a little Thai streetwise now instead of a blundering newbie.

Now I realize how many things i should not have done. I will know better in September.
Thanks again

Have read through the entire book, some great stuff,
cheers for all the info!

You can pay by credit card