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If you have already registered and cloaked your PayPal email address at our sign up page and have your Affiliate URL link then this page is for you.

Your link should look something like this:
Replace "cloakedCode" with your previously registered Nickname.

To create your Customized Promo Material for Pattaya-Bar-Girls Report please paste or type your whole Affiliate URL link in the box below and click the green:
'Get coded banners and links' button.

A new page will open displaying your banners and links coded with your Nickname that you created during registration sign up.

Your Pattaya-Bar-Girls Report affiliate link:

Example link:

If you have not already registered (created your cloaked PayPal affiliate link) please register here.

Lost your affiliate link URL?

No problem. If you have lost your affiliate link URL you will need to create a new one.

You will not be able to use the email address that you previously used. You must re-register here with a new PayPal email address.

All links that you have created with your previous email address will still continue to work and make money for you.

Hint: If you can find one of those links then there is no need to reregister.

Bookmark this page or add it to your favorites so you can return to get more banners and promo material.

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